You want to transform your company into a lean agile organization with a future? Are you looking for experienced consultants and trainers who have been proven in international contexts? Or agile coaches who have made many teams successful? Or systemic business coaches who can move your leadership teams?

Agile Skalierung

Are you already agile in some places today? Do you want to enforce a uniform working method and a common goal-oriented scaling of your individual teams? Or you are not sure which Scaled Framework is right for you?
You urgently want transparency and measurability of your projects?
Wondering how to break up old structures, motivate the leadership team, and get to the customer faster with your products?


You would like to strengthen your team at short notice with an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Tester etc.? Or you want to help your teams with the transition to agile methods with external help?

We are happy to assist you in all available roles. Contact us!

Systemisches Business Coaching

You would like to develop professionally in private or professional contexts? Are you looking for ways to succeed as a leader in today’s busy work environment?
Or you want to finally solve a private topic and get professional coaching?

Interim – and Program Manager

You want to fill a short-term vacancy?
We would like to support you in stabilizing and optimizing the environment. Along the way, we work on successors and bring the company or the department back on the road to success.
Or you have a large program that requires entrepreneurial skills coupled with international experience in large corporations?



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