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avato Whitepaper „One-Click Deployment“

This document describes a continuous delivery strategy using one-click deployment. It covers specifications, technological concepts, architectures, migration strategies and success factors for integration.


avato notes: „Continuous Software Integration & Delivery

In this series of our avato notes, learn which of our standard market tools you can use to build continuous software integration & delivery, what challenges you will face, and how you can overcome them. Based on extensive project experience in enterprise environments, we report on possible application scenarios for the most common software integration tools on the market, as well as how they function in the software stack.


Article in "Computerwoche", "When Integration Can’t Keep up With Agility,” 2011

The fast product results from agile development are little help if the downstream processes, like system integration, do not support the new approach.


Creating Chapters in the book: „Value in Due Diligence“ bei Gower Publishing 2010

The financial crisis of 2008 has thrown many of the mergers and acquisitions of recent years into sharp focus. Too many have failed to generate real value for shareholders and many others have only proved lukewarm successes. Although it is impossible to assess accurately the extent to which these failures may be the result of poor planning and execution, they have raised considerable questions about the process, breadth and effectiveness of traditional due diligence activities. "Value in Due Diligence" explores new applications for due diligence including areas such as corporate culture, social responsibility, and innovation. It also examines the due diligence process itself to draw out those elements that provide effective risk and opportunity management as opposed to simple compliance.


avato notes: “Softwareintegration industriell”

Shorter time to market, higher quality, reduced costs: when a company industrializes its software integration, it can achieve overall savings of up to 50 percent. Organizations with a mature, heterogeneous IT landscape particularly benefit. At the same time, they need to adapt their processes very carefully to the new approaches in order to stay completely functional at all times.


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