I love what i do

I have worked as a project manager responsible for both budget and headcount for multi national companies for nearly 20 years. I specialize in banking, telecommunications and logistics, but of course I always welcome new challenges as well.

After finishing my degree as an industrial engineer (Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur), I started my career as an IT supporter in Germany’s largest trading room. My experiences there continue to shape me and my working style even today.

In difficult, time-critical everyday situations, I am always calm and collected. That means I can always work confidently with clients and respond appropriately to client input of all kinds. An advantage for the role of Project Manager? But of course!

“Even stumbling blocks can be used to build something beautiful.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Here is a video summary that includes all the important information you need to get to know me better. It’s fast, easy to follow, and it gets to the point in under 2 minutes. For people with limited time, who prefer motion pictures, or who just enjoy being impressed.

Fast & reliable

As a graduate industrial engineer with 20 years of practical experience in international IT project management, I realize your business and project objectives quickly and reliably.
From design to implementation, I execute your projects efficiently and successfully in terms of time, budget and quality!

An entrepreneurial approach

Thanks to my experience in helping to establish corporations and create company structures, I bring extensive entrepreneurial ideas and actions to the process of implementing your specifications.
I am an assertive entrepreneur who enjoys taking unconventional approaches to achieve groundbreaking solutions for you.

Client reviews

  • "Mr. Bloch’s talent for quick comprehension inspires specialized departments as well as IT to reach effective solutions."

  • "Mr. Bloch is an internationally experienced, honest and structured project manager who manages to inspire people without losing sight of the project’s objectives."


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